The rehabilitation of intertropical and semitropical plants in special microclimatic mediterranean conditions: the case of Nauplio town, Greece

Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Sarikou, S. ; Thymakis, N. (2005)


Palms is one of the most important plant families, with great contribution to human aesthetic and use. Planted in groups, combined with other plants, or separately, their elegant form is impressive and imposes to the Landscape. Its versatility is admirable. Most Palm genus are abstemious, with extreme resistance and minimum demands. People always showed great interest to adopt exotic plants, trying to transfer and harmonize tropical and subtropical environments to their own surroundings. This report evaluates the results of similar past motions and presents a fairly comprehensive list of reasons of the potential of using Palms at urban parks, under special microclimatic conditions, in the Mediterranean basin. In particular is examined the case of Nauplio town in Greece, proposed planting design with tropical plants and ending up with useful recommendations for future.

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