Landscape Preference Evaluation for Therapeutical Gardens

Georgi, Neratzia Julia (2005)


The present paper deals with the usefulness of outdoor spaces of nursing institutions which we name "therapeutic" gardens. A therapeutic garden offers a locality where the patients and their healers might achieve the objectives of therapeutic process. The research of present paper was based on the inclusion of various individual factors that concerns in the Hospital of Alexandroupolis. Thus, they were taken into consideration: (a) the opinions of workers and the students of Medicine (questionnaires), (b) analysis of environment, (c) aesthetics of landscape, (d) beginnings of Architecture of landscape (e) literature review. Some of the results of the research demonstrate that people need to work and be treated in a more humane and less stressful environment, with variation of landscapes included also several uses which could function as a multiple use “therapeutic” garden. Following the examination of views of the aforementioned groups of people, the designer – landscape architect is given the possibility to take into account the views of users and combining them with his personal identity, be able to create a representative master plan of the external area and a detailed design.

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