Renovation and Unification of an Archaeological Site and the Surrounding Buildings: The Case Of The Fortress Top-Hane In Thessaloniki

Kyriakou, Vasiliki Vanta ; Georgi, Neratzia Julia (2007-06-05)

Working Paper

This paper presents a design proposal for the fortress and the surrounding area of the city of Thessaloniki and will be a part of a general planning and management schedule based on environmental aspects. In this way, the citizens are going to be given a inhabitable public space and a valuable urban green space, and increase the green spaces (that are few left) in the city of Thessaloniki. The historic centre of Thessaloniki has a high building density, which makes any open space and green space precious for the city. One such space is the surrounding area of the fortress of top-Ha ne, which is a part of the West Walls of the Byzantine period. The great importance of the fortress and the surrounding area depends 0 11 its historic and cultural value, as much as the fact that it is situated on a significant part of the contemporary urban web. In order to achieve the enhancement of the site, a series of interventions are proposed. The study followed specific phases: historic research, site documentation and analysis, definition of the demands and needs of the area, planning aims and proposals. Applied to other interpretive projects, this collaborative methodology will help to ensure that the interpretation at historical sites is not only solidly grounded in the historical record but also possesses the ability to communicate historical understandings to a wide audience in a manner that makes them personally relevant and meaningful. Finally the study concludes recommendations that can be used to other similar cases made.

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