Environmental perceptions of landscape values around the lake Kastoria western Macedonia Greece

Manoliadis, O. ; Baronos, A. ; Zafeiriadis, K. ; Georgi, Neratzia Julia (2005)

Working Paper

The report aims to improve environmental management by intergrating and making more accessible to managers the information on environmental perceptions of the landscape in Kastoria Western Macedonia. First a literature review of published surveys of community perceptions of landscape values country are reported, and a range of survey method is evaluated for the case. Good-practice benchmarks are identified for each method, and criteria for evaluation of this research and analysed. Then a methology is developed including quantitative questionnaires and analysis for the specific environmental perceptions. The investigation using thedeveloped questionnaire conducted in Western Macedonia Greece is following. From the study results environmental perceptions of landscape values are presented regarding the management of the preserved environment of the lake Kastoria under Natura 2000.

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