Bioengineering Techniques for Soil Erosion Protection and Slope Stabilization

Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Stathakopoulos, Ioannis (2006)

Working Paper

The use of plants for soil erosion protection and slope stabilization has a long tradition. Old methods with rocks and plants, structures of timber have been used over the past centuries. Recently these old soil conservation and stabilization techniques have been rediscovered and improved. Biotechnical engineering methods have become part of geotechnical and hydraulic engineering and have helped bridge the gap between classical engineering disciplines, land use management, landscape architecture and biological sciences. In this review the different uses of plants in hydraulic and geotechnical engineering design are presented. The core of this review is a comprehensive overview of the most important biotechnical construction methods used for soil erosion protection and slope stabilization. Methods, construction procedure, and the major advantages and disadvantages of these biotechnical methods are discussed. Considerations about construction and maintenance costs conclude in this review.

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