Self-leadership, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Productivity in the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates

Politis, John D. ; Breman, Paul (2011-06)

Working Paper

The goal of this study is to examine the impact of the Self-leadership styles on the dimensions of Enterpreneurial Orientation in organizations in Dubai and th Netherlands: Innovativeness, Risk Taking and Proactivness. The study also distinguishes the impact of Self-leadership styles and Enterpreneurial Orientation on the dimensions of Creativity and Productivity. A path analysis was performed, applying SEM, using AMOS. The following four hypotheses were tested: H1: The greater the level of 'opportunity thinking' thought pattern strategies, the greater the level of enterprneurial orientation. H2: The lower the level of 'obstacle thinking' though pattern strategies, the greater the level of enterpreneurial orientation. H3: The relationship of the 'opportunity-thinking' strategies. H4: The relationship of the 'opportunity thinking' strategies with creativity will be stronger than that with th 'obstacle-thinking' strategies. Overall support was found for hypothesis 3 and 4.

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