Correlation between the geometrical characteristics of streets and morphological features of trees for the formation of tree lines in the urban design of the city of Orestiada, Greece

Georgi, Neratzia Julia ; Rantzoudi, Eleni C. (2017)


This paper classifies the streets of the city of Orestiada, Greece, and examines the correlation between the geometric characteristics of streets and the appropriate height of trees that form the street tree lines so that the microclimate in each street may be improved. The rows of trees improve the aesthetic quality of the urban spaces, and also strengthen the sense of enclosure through tree planting, especially in monotonous urban landscapes. Our main aim is to augment the vegetation in urban areas to achieve the greatest shading of streets in order to contribute to the improvement of the urban environment in terms of bioclimatic conditions. The methodology used in this paper aims to promote the use of trees in urban design, and to evaluate the effects of shading at the city scale with regard to microclimate and energy saving, and to develop tree selection and design guidelines for recommended planting programs. It is expected that the results of the study will be useful to Urban Planners, Urban Arboriculturists, Urban Foresters and Landscape Architects that are engaged in the design and construction of streetscapes in Mediterranean region.

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