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  • Intergovernmentalism and the New Framework of EMU Governance 

    Maris, Georgios; Sklias, Pantelis (Hart Publishing, 2015-08)
    What is the form of government of the EU? And, how is the institutional governance of the Eurozone evolving? These questions have become pressing during the last years. On the one hand, the Euro-crisis and the legal and ...

  • A Meta-Analysis on Export Promotion Programs: New Outcomes 

    Coudounaris, Dafnis N. (Springer International Publishing, 2016)
    Since the economic crisis of 2008 the situation in Europe has worsen, leading small export companies to close down due to the depression, while governments cut their budgets. As a result, export promotion programs (EPPs) ...

  • e-Marketing in the Hotel Industry: Marketing Mix Strategies 

    Siakalli, Michailina; Masouras, Andreas; Papademetriou, Christos (Springer International Publishing, 2016-09-27)
    Does the hotel industry fully exploit the e-marketing capabilities? The purpose of this study is to investigate the Internet marketing strategies and practices that are used in the hotel industry. Namely, it examines the ...