Image Encryption using the Recursive Attributes of the eXclusive-OR Filter

Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. ; Marques, Oge ; Lux, Mathias ; Boutalis, Yiannis (2014)


This paper describes a visual multimedia content encryption approach based on cellular automata (CA), expanding the work proposed in [4]. The presented algorithm relies on an attribute of the eXclusive-OR (XOR) filter, according to which, the original content of a cellular neighborhood can be reconstructed following a predefined number of applications of the filter. During the interim time marks, the cellular neighborhood is greatly distorted, making it impossible to be recognized. The application of this attribute to the field of image processing, results to a strong visual multimedia content encryption approach. Additionally, this paper proposes a new approach for the acceleration of the application of the XOR-filter, taking advantage of the Summed Area Tables (SAT) approach.

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