Automatic Image Annotation and Retrieval Using the Joint Composite Descriptor

Zagoris, Konstantinos ; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. ; Papamarkos, Nikos ; Boutalis, Yiannis (2010)

Working Paper

Capable tools are needed in order to successfully search and retrieve a suitable image from large image collections. Many content-based image retrieval systems employ low-level image features such as color, texture and shape in order to locate the image. Although the above approaches are successful, they lack the ability to include human perception in the query for retrieval because the query must be an image. In this paper a new image annotation technique and a keywordbased image retrieval system are presented, which map the low-level features of the Joint Composite Descriptor to the high-level features constituted by a set of keywords. One set consists of colors-keywords and the other set consists of words. Experiments were performed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed technique.

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