Inter-Mobility Support in Controlled 6LoWPAN Networks

Zinonos, Zinon ; Vassiliou, Vasos (2011)

Working Paper

The research and industrial community started to think of more complex application scenarios for wireless sensor networks, where the use of mobile sensor nodes is essential. The support of mobile sensor nodes in such applications requires the existence of a suitable mobility management protocol. However, existing mobility protocols, like MIPv6, can not be directly applied on mobile sensor nodes, since they are inefficient in terms of energy, communication, and computation cost, and fail to meet the stringent operational requirements of a mobile sensor node. In this paper we propose a new mobility management protocol for 6LoWPAN which uses the technology of Proxy Agents and aims to enhance the handoff time by predicting or rapidly responding to a handover event. The proposed protocol lessens the involvement of the mobile node in mobility-related message exchange.

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