Identification and Retrieval of DNA Genomes Using Binary Image Representations Produced by Cellular Automata

Konstantinidis, K. ; Amanatiadis, A. ; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. ; Sandaltzopoulos, R. ; Sirakoulis, G. Ch. (2014)

Working Paper

We have developed a novel method for the identification and retrieval of DNA sequences which are represented as binary images. This type of representation emanates from the evolution of one-dimensional nucleotide arrays abiding to a set of Cellular Automaton rules. A thorough investigation of these rules was performed in order to determine their efficiency. The presented method has been applied on short nucleotide sequences as well as on eleven complete genes of various origins. The technology presented offers a novel approach for the rapid and efficient sequence identification of nucleotide sequences in database repositories. The proposed framework will be practically useful for applications involved in virus recognition and personalized medicine which rely heavily on the processing of huge volumes of nucleotide sequence data.

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