Digital Consumer Behaviour in Cyprus: from Uses and Gratifications Theory to 4C’s Online Shopping Approach

Masouras, Andreas ; Papademetriou, Christos (2018)


The behaviour of the digital consumer differs from that of the digital-internet consumer. Not with the regard to the procedure that the average consumer follows, but mostly to the «why» and «how» a consumer prefers and searches or also buys products and services from the internet. The aim of the present study is to examine the digital consumer behaviour towards the reasons and ways of use from consumers. It is applied in the case of Cyprus and in order to explain these trends it is based on the theory of Uses and Gratifications while concludes in suggesting a new approach of analysis, the 4C’s online shopping approach, a tool (marketing mix) that will enhance researching widely on online consumer behavior. For data collection, questionnaires were used within a sample of 250 respondents

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