Composite description based on Salient Contours and Color information for CBIR tasks

Iakovidou, C. ; Anagnostopoulos, N. ; Lux, M. ; Christodoulou, Klitos ; Boutalis, Y. ; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. (2019)


This paper introduces a novel image descriptor for content based image retrieval tasks that integrates contour and color information into a compact vector. Loosely inspired by the human visual system and its mechanisms in efficiently identifying visual saliency, operations are performed on a fixed lattice of discrete positions by a set of edge detecting kernels that calculate region derivatives at different scales and orientation. The description method utilizes a weighted edge histogram where bins are populated on the premise of whether the regions contain edges belonging to the salient contours, while the discriminative power is further enhanced by integrating regional quantized color information. The proposed technique is both efficient and adaptive to the specifics of each depiction, while it does not need any training data to adjust parameters. Experimental evaluation conducted on seven benchmarking datasets against 13 well known global descriptors along with SIFT, SURF implementations (both in VLAD and BOVW), highlight the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed descriptor

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