Management: Statistical Process Control and Quality Control’ Tools regarding Measuring Organizations’ Quality. The case of Pareto Chart Total Quality

Anastasiadou, Sofia D. ; Zirinoglou, Poulcheria A. (2020-11)

International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Competitiveness – IJEIC


The chief object of this paper is to explore the Pareto principle in relation to higher education quality. Consequently the paper relates to 80/20 rule’ application in Greek higher education regarding quality. The study adopted Parasuruman’s Servqual dimensions named tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy and applied the rule. The sample comprised of 202 interviewees from the department of Business Administration in the University of Western Macedonia, of whom 127 (62.9%) were men and 75 (37.1%) were women. The results related to 80 percent or almost 80 percent of each dimension showed their maximized impact.