Topics and Trends Analysis in eHealth Literature

Drosatos, G. ; Kavvadias, S.E. ; Kaldoudi, E. (2018)


eHealth is an interdisciplinary research area that fosters application of informatics and communication technologies for the improvement of healthcare delivery. In this paper, we present an overall analysis of eHealth topics and trends in published literature indexed in PubMed (all records till 31 Dec 2016, search on 25 Jan 2017), based on unsupervised topics modeling and trends analysis. Overall the analysis indicates a slightly declining (non significant) publication trend when compared to the overall PubMed corpus growth. Within the area of eHealth, a high negative trend is found for topics related to applications that support medical expert collaboration and consultation (e.g. teleradiology, image transmission, telesurgery, consultation between centres). On the contrary, a high positive trend is found for topics related to personalized eHealth applications, including mobile devices and patient empowerment.

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