Investigate via internet the personal values in life and how determine the consumer's environmental behavior

Oikonomou, Stefanos ; Drosatos, George ; Papadopoulos, Theocharis ; Oikonomou, Maria (2009-10)


Everyday the following question is posed: Are businesses more successful when they adapt green strategies in producing and marketing their products?. To address this issue, we should investigate to what determines the buyers’ decisions in relation to the environmental characteristics of the product. The existence of environmental consciousness is related firstly to the research of demographic characteristics and secondly to personal values of life. The format of this electronic survey was as follows: First, we would ask their opinion about the degradation of the environment. Upon receiving an answer stating that the environment was indeed being degraded then we would ask about their values in life. Those who thought otherwise, were asked to state their opinions. We took into account opinions regarding the environmental degradation as well as to demographic characteristics when we evaluated their opinion about values of life. This paper investigates how important is the environmental protection in a consumer’s value in life. This study is unique because it was carried out via e-mail using a questionnaire, and the answers were recorded automatically in a database which was created for this purpose. The sample was random and the participants were notified by e-mails. The recipients of the e-mails were urged to forward the questionnaire to others. The total number of questionnaires under investigation reached 800.

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