A conceptual architecture for empowering responsible online gambling with predictive, real-time, persuasive and interactive intervention

Drosatos, George ; Nalmpantis, Fotios ; Baines, Victoria ; Bolat, Elvira ; Vuillier, Laura ; Kostoulas, Theodoros ; Arden-Close, Emily ; McAlaney, John ; Phalp, Keith ; Ali, Raian (2018)


Online gambling, unlike other mediums of addiction and problematic behaviour, such as tobacco and alcohol, offers unprecedented opportunities for monitoring and understanding an addict's behaviour in real-time and adapting persuasive messages and interactions that would fit their usage and personal context. Online gambling sites usually provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) mainly to enable third party applications to enhance the gambling experience. In this work, we propose that gamblers' online data, such as navigation path and available offers, can be used to enable a more intelligent and proactive responsible gambling care in a real-time persuasive style. To this end, we propose a conceptual architecture of persuasive responsible online gambling technology. The novelty in our approach is indeed reliant on the real time and interactivity aspects as the intervention and the persuasion can happen in the same time as the gamblers’ behaviour is taking place.

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