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Η αξιολόγηση ως ανατροφοδότικη διαδικασία στην κοινότητα μάθησης, με τη χρήση εργαλείων WEB 2.0

dc.contributor.authorKoutsospyrou, Christina
dc.contributor.authorPapadogianni, Elpiniki
dc.contributor.authorManesis, Nikolaos
dc.description.abstractThrough the example of evaluating the lesson “Educational Assessment”, in the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education, we investigated the importance of assessment/evaluation as a feedback procedure in the learning community that was created during the lessons. e students, soon to be teachers, stated, in the form of an observation diary with the use of Web 2.0 tools, their preliminary difficulties, the instructor’s teaching practices they believed that would be useful for their professional development, theemotions that appeared, their self-reflection from participating in this procedure and their suggestions. Processing the students’ data showed that self-reflection is a very important feedback procedure for the instructor and that assessment as feedback contributes to the effectiveness of teaching. Furthermore, the communication and the interaction between students and the instructor brought out the importance of cooperative learning in the learning community that was developed, as well as the development of New Technologies in teaching, with the use of active learning techniques of adult education.en_UK
dc.publisherΣπαντιδάκης Ιωάννης, Πρόεδρος Παιδαγωγικού Τμήματος Δ.Ε.en_UK
dc.relation.ispartofseriesΕπιστήμες αγωγής;
dc.subjectWeb 2.0en_UK
dc.subjectadult educationen_UK
dc.titleΗ αξιολόγηση ως ανατροφοδότικη διαδικασία στην κοινότητα μάθησης, με τη χρήση εργαλείων WEB 2.0en_UK

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