Modification of the Physical Activity Self-efficacy Scale (PASES) in Greek children population

Reppa, Glykeria ; Theodorakou, Kalliopi (2013)


This study modified the Physical Activity Self-efficacy Scale (PASES) in Creek children population. 142 Greek children of 4th grade (68 boys and 74 girls, Μ age: 9.65, SD: 0.45) participated. The scale was given to them in two times with an interval of 3 weeks. In this study the small version of PASES (8-items, 1- factor) was examined. The confirmatory factor analysis showed the existence of one component, explaining the 37.03% of variance. Also the factor loadings were significant (ranged 0.417- 0.722). Moreover the results showed that the internal consistency was adequate (Cronbach's alpha 0.803) and the Pearson correlation of the test- retest was statistical significant (0.861, p= 0.000). In conclusion the Greek version of the PASES (8-item) is reliable and valid for using in Greek children population.

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