Economic Analysis of Minimizing Environmental Cost Caused by Outdoor Advertising

Kopsidas, Odysseas ; Hadjixenophontos, Andreas ; Anastasiou, Athanasios (2018)


The optimal consent ration Copt of pollutant advertising in the environment can be determined as an equilibrium point in the trade off between the environmental cost, due to impact on man/land/economy and the economic cost for environmental protection. These two conflict variables are internalized within the same techno-economic objective function of total cost, which is minimized. Last, sensitivity analysis of Copt as regards the impact of the increase of environmental information/sensitization and the decrease of interest rate reveals a shifting of Copt to lower and higher values, respectively, certain positive and negative implications (i.e. shifting of Copt to lower and higher values, respectively) caused by socioeconomic are also discussed.

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