Distinguish regional performance with the use of shift-share analysis and MCDA methods: a gross value added perspective

Xanthos, Georgios ; Zopounidis, Constantin ; Garefalakis, Alexandros ; Lemonakis, Christos ; Passas, Ioannis (2020-06-17)


This study aims to take into account regional gross value added, to assess the per formance of this macroeconomic component for all thirteen Regions of Greece. We apply two diferent methods for the period between 2010 and 2016, (1) the PRO METHEE II Multi-criteria method and (2) Shift and Share Analysis (SHA). In a nutshell, in nine out of thirteen Regions of Greece, the Promethee II method ranks the regions of Greece in a wholly identical or relatively similar manner to the SHA method, indicating that there is a robust framework considering the joint review for both proposed methods regarding regional performance

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