Dynamic Assessment in the assessment and intervention of LD

Bonti, Eleni (2021)

Book chapter

More than 200 years of research in the field of learning disabilities have provided us with a vast body of knowledge, albeit without answering the fundamental questions: what and why. Today, it is widely accepted that learning disabilities or specific learning disabilities represent a real situation, which is mainly related to education, but also has long-term consequences in the social and professional life of individuals, who may be “smart”, but not know how to learn. This book examines transdisciplinary psychoeducational learning disability evaluation procedures, along with intervention programs aiming to recognize the strengths of students with learning disabilities and address their needs. More specifically, it reviews the origins and evolution of such assessment models and evidence-informed intervention practices, and provides guidance and implications for practice and research. The book will furnish educators and other school-based professionals with a better understanding of the nuances and challenges of the field, allowing them to build their capacity of working with such student populations.

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