Voters’ Behavior: What Drives Political Consumption in Cyprus? An Analysis of the Behavior of Young Voters

Sophocleous, Harry Ph. ; Masouras, Andreas (2019)


Substantial corresponding has been established between politics, communication and marketing. Through the years there is application of consumer behaviour decision making to voter decision making; there is also parallel consideration of production and consumption of political communication and in particular pre-election period that has gained the interest of many scholars. Still this is an important research focus and a research gap upon the specific field. The electoral output in many national cases indicates that the attendance between young adults tends to be lower than in the general electorate, suggesting lower level of voting participation. In this manner, the paper attempts to measure the involvement of young adults in voting affairs and to investigate a parallel deliberation on the changing pattern of consumption of political communication. Data have been collected from structured questionnaire that conducted with a sample of 160 young adults from all over Cyprus. Accordingly, the actual impact of the campaigns might differ from the impact as this is appreciated by the participants, a fact that it suggests that future research, may consider the use of another tool, which is likely to give a more accurate measurement of the “Impact” of the pre-election campaigns.

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