Does Israel has planning standards?

Rothfeld, Daniel (2023)

As cities become more complex while shaped by population growth and urbanization, standardized plan-making practices with clear instructions for their utilization are essential. With the aim of ensuring safety, accessibility, and a representation of current and future public needs. Most Western countries have developed planning standards to ensure adequate public needs facilitation for new developments and existing urban built-up environments. These standards can range from legally binding regulations to general guidelines issued by the government, all of which are derived from factors of demographics and density of the population, along with other changing criteria. Planning standards are important and are there to ensure that the population will have a rich, accessible, and stimulating environment. The research topic for this dissertation is focused on whether Israel has established planning standards, and if so, what do they entail and how they are applied. Since most of the literature on the matter is in Hebrew, one of the aims was to provide an accessible overview of the subject in English to encourage further research into the topic and bridge the gap of the language barrier. This in turn, allows for further exploration and comparison to other countries in the Middle East. Encourage communication and collaboration between Israeli and international planners and more. Given that Israeli standards cover a vast list of topics, an additional case study of an existing area and how the standards come into fruition in it could have been made if a different time limitation had been available. In view of this, the method selected was the literature review, and official governmental publications were consulted as well.