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  • Cellular Automata Ants 

    Bitsakidis, Nikolaos P.; Dourvas, Nikolaos I.; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A.; Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch. (Springer, 2017)
    During the last decades much attention was given to bio-inspired techniques able to successfully handle really complex algorithmic problems. As such Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithms have been introduced as a ...

  • Combining Color and Spatial Color Distribution Information in a Fuzzy Rule Based Compact Composite Descriptor 

    Chatzichristofis, Savvas A.; Boutalis, Yiannis S.; Lux, Mathias (Springer, 2011)
    In this paper, a novel low level feature for content based image retrieval is presented. The proposed feature structure combines color and spatial color distribution information. The combination of these two features in ...

  • Employing Cellular Automata for Shaping Accurate Morphology Maps Using Scattered Data from Robotics’ Missions 

    Kapoutsis, Athanasios Ch.; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A.; Sirakoulis, Georgios Ch.; Doitsidis, Lefteris; Kosmatopoulos, Elias B. (Springer, 2015)
    Accurate maps are essential in the case of robot teams, so that they can operate autonomously and accomplish their tasks efficiently. In this work we present an approach which allows the generation of detailed maps, suitable ...