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  • ADvoCATE: A Consent Management Platform for Personal Data Processing in the IoT Using Blockchain Technology 

    Rantos, Konstantinos; Drosatos, George; Demertzis, Konstantinos; Ilioudis, Christos; Papanikolaou, Alexandros; Kritsas, Antonios (International Conference on Security for Information Technology and Communications, 2018)
    The value of personal data generated and managed by smartdevices which comprise the Internet of Things (IoT) is unquestionable.The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that has beenrecentlyput in force, sets the ...

  • Blockchain-based Consents Management for Personal Data Processing in the IoT Ecosystem 

    Rantos, Konstantinos; Drosatos, George; Demertzis, Konstantinos; Ilioudis, Christos; Papanikolaou, Alexandros (2018)
    In the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem the volume of data generated by devices in the user’s environment is constantly increasing and becoming of particular value. In such an environment the average user is bound to ...

  • Health Information Exchange with Blockchain amid Covid-19-like Pandemics 

    Christodoulou, Klitos; Christodoulou, Panayiotis; Zinonos, Zinon; Carayiannis, Elias G.; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. (ΙΕΕΕ, 2020-06-17)
    The COVID-19 pandemic is stress-testing existing health information exchange systems. There exists an increasing demand for sharing patient information and efficiently responding to patient medial data requests. Current ...

  • “IoT Device Firmware Update over LoRa: The Blockchain Solution” 

    Anastasiou, A.; Christodoulou, Panayiotis; Christodoulou, Klitos; Vassiliou, V.; Zinonos, Zinon (IEEE, 2020-06-17)
    More and more Internet of Things (IoT) devicesare deployed around the world, due to the convenience andextra functionality they enable. This growth, while great forthe industry as a whole, has ...

  • Notarization of Knowledge Retrieval from Biomedical Repositories Using Blockchain Technology 

    Mytis-Gkometh, P.; Drosatos, G.; Efraimidis, P. S.; Kaldoudi, E. (International Conference on Biomedical and Health Informatics, 2017)
    Biomedical research and clinical decision depend increasingly on a number of authoritative databases, mostly public and continually enriched via peer scientific contributions. Given the dynamic nature of data and their ...

  • ParkChain: An IoT Parking Service Based on Blockchain 

    Zinonos, Zinon; Christodoulou, Panayiotis; Andreou, Andreas; Chatzichristofis, Savvas A. (IEEE, 2019-08-19)
    The IoT ecosystem is evolving quickly, developing several applications in different sectors. The majority of these applications use centralized infrastructures something that poses several challenges especially related to ...