Recent Submissions

  • Mice, a fast user-microprogrammable emulator of the PDP-11 

    Blanc, Antonioz J.; Halatsis, Constantin; Joosten, J.; Letheren, M.F.; Van Dam, A.; Praag van, A.; Verkerk, C. (CERN Libraries, 1980)
    A fast processor is described which emulates a large part of the POP 11 instruction set and which is also user-microprogrammable. It is intended for on-line filter applications, when decision times in excess of 100 ...

  • Prospects of data flow computing in high energy physics 

    Halatsis, Constantin; Philokyprou, G.; Catharinus, Verkerk (CERN, 1983-09)
    The computing needs in different areas of hight energy physics have risen beyond the point where the conventional computer system can cope. In the area of data taking, specialized processing systems have been designed and ...