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Think lucky

dc.contributor.authorMakridakis, Spyros
dc.contributor.authorHogarth, Robin M.
dc.contributor.authorGaba, Anil
dc.description.abstractStrategy theories make great claims about their ability to contribute to business success, but how realistic are those claims? We only have to look back to re engineering and its promised miracles, for a lesson in how far they can fall short. The founders, Michael Hammer and James Champy, claimed: “Re engineering does not seek to make business better through incremental improvements – 10% faster here or 20% less expensive there. The aim of re engineering is a quantum leap in performance – the 100% or even tenfold improvement that can follow from entirely new work processes and structures.”en_UK
dc.relation.ispartofseriesStrategy Magazine;Issue 21
dc.subjectStrategy theoriesen_UK
dc.subjectBusiness successen_UK
dc.titleThink luckyen_UK

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