Factors Influencing Entrepreneurial Process and Firm Start-Ups: Evidence from Central Greece

Vliamos, Spyros ; G. Tzeremes, Nickolaos (2012)


Over the last two decades, technological changes have reformed business environment and made entrepreneurial activity as the main channel behind knowledge spillovers and knowledge creation. Therefore, the factors affecting entrepreneurial activity will indirectly affect knowledge transmission. This paper examines those factors influencing the entrepreneurial process by analyzing the results of 164 questionnaires distributed in the region of Thessaly (central Greece). In addition, by using nonparametric techniques, this paper establishes three different factors that appear to have dominant influence on the entrepreneurial process. The first factor is related to entrepreneurial skills, education, and previous experience, whereas the second factor is related to issues regarded desire of independence and locus of control. Finally, the third factor, which influences the entrepreneurial activity, is related to the access of capital, to social aspects, and to regions' institutional environment.

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