The "MMM" and financial pyramids as a whole

Shumakov, Alexander (2015-09)


In the middle of the 90's Russia has experienced a period of massive creation of the financial pyramids. This period has become an integral part of the story of Russia in transition period. Nevertheless, the Russian financial pyramids has not been specific disclosure of their founders, but became one more page in the history of the emergence of such organisations in the world. The era of the financial pyramids has a big influence on the society. Many and many people have invested their money in financial pyramids. In the mass media came in sight many articles of various contents on the pyramid-organizations. What is happening is attracted the interest of the authorities (government, tax police etc.). Significantly turned up for the country the implications of the age of the financial pyramids, some of them continue to affect the economic situation in Russia up to now. In fact, immediately after the collapse of the main pyramid-companies, which marked the end of mass pyramid creation, began a process of understanding of the events the society, including economists. Mainly, I studied the issue of financial pyramids in Russia (generally will make an attention on "MMM"), reasons why people participated in financial pyramids, the meaning of these organisations for country's economy. As part of this work, will be considered period of creation of financial pyramids in Russia, in terms of world history issue.