Tavrides, Andreas (2015)


Carlsberg beer is the leading beer brand in Cyprus and is brewed in the largest brewery on the island, the Cyprus Carlsberg brewery. It is produced in Cyprus under license since 1969. The Cyprus Carlsberg brewery is the first brewery licensed to produce Carlsberg beer outside Denmark something that pioneered the production of Carlsberg beer worldwide. Photos Photiades Breweries Ltd, the company which brews Carlsberg beer in Cyprus did not only manage to maintain its leading position throughout the years, but also managed to expand in other countries. I believe that this company it’s the perfect example of how a Cypriot company can be successful and grow through hard work and smart planning. In my assignment I would like to emphasize on the history of Carlsberg in Cyprus and Denmark. I will analyze what components of the marketing strategy includes, how the marketing planning is done. I will examine what are the factors that help Carlsberg to maintain its leading position in a very competitive environment.