A Meta-Analysis on Export Promotion Programs: New Outcomes

Coudounaris, Dafnis N. (2016)

Since the economic crisis of 2008 the situation in Europe has worsen, leading small export companies to close down due to the depression, while governments cut their budgets. As a result, export promotion programs (EPPs) might have been abandoned. The austerity era has began and export companies wonder if there is another important issue at the moment for economies than working out how to stimulate greater exporting to available growth markets. The focus on the drivers of awareness and the use of EPPs may solve the problem of ignorance of such programs among small exporters. This paper will shed light on the impact of resources and capabilities on the drivers of EPPs which in turn, influence the competitive advantage, export knowledge and commitment that impact on the firm’s export performance through its export strategy. The proposed conceptual model is drawn on the need that the awareness of EPPs as well as the use of EPPs should play a more active strategic role in shaping the firm’s export performance. A meta-analysis is used to indicate which relationship to include in future research.

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