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Forecasting: Methods and Applications, 3rd Edition

dc.contributor.authorMakridakis, Spyros
dc.contributor.authorWheelwright, Steven
dc.contributor.authorHyndman, Rob J.
dc.descriptionIn preparing the manuscript for the third edition of Forecasting: methods and applications, one of our primary goals has been to make the book as complete and thorough as possible in order that it might best meet its intended objectives. The same set of principles has guided us in preparing this instructors manual. Our intent has been not only to provide solutions to the exercises but to go beyond and suggest several other types of teaching materials and suggestions to help those who teach forecasting. We hope that you will _nd that this manual delivers on those objectives. The instructors manual is in four parts. To avoid confusion with the chapters in the textbook, we will refer to these as Parts A through D. When the word Chapter is used, it refers to that chapter in the text itself.
dc.publisherJohn Wiley & Sonsen_UK
dc.subjectThe Forecasting Perspectiveen_UK
dc.subjectBasic Forecasting Toolsen_UK
dc.subjectTime Series Decompositionen_UK
dc.subjectExponential Smoothing Methodsen_UK
dc.subjectSimple Regressionen_UK
dc.subjectstatistical methodsen_UK
dc.titleForecasting: Methods and Applications, 3rd Editionen_UK

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