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Influences of Managerial Drivers on Export Sales Units’ Performance of Small and Medium-Size Enterprises

dc.contributor.authorCoudounaris, Dafnis N.
dc.description.abstractThis report offers a contribution to the theories related to firms’ export performance. Job Satisfaction and behavioral and outcome performance of export managers have received attention in export literature. However, the relationships between export managers’ rewards system and the level of export managers’ morale with export managers’ job satisfaction, behavioral and outcome performance, and export sales units’ performance of small and medium-size enterprises have not thoroughly been examined, tested, or validated. A new model is developed based on export managerial psychology theory, which integrates two constructs, the export managers’ rewards and level of morale, as critical variables affecting export performance. The research findings suggest that four connected relationships in a PLS model are positive, significant, and substantial. Particularly, managers’ financial and non financial rewards influence managers’ level of morale, which in turn affects managers’ behavioral performance, and managers’ behavioral performance influences managers’ outcome performance, which, finally, affects firms’ export performance.en_UK
dc.relation.ispartofseriesJournal of Global Marketing;
dc.rightsCopyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLCen_UK
dc.subjectExportmanager’s rewards systemen_UK
dc.subjectLevel of exportmanager’s moraleen_UK
dc.subjectExportmanagerial psychology (EMP) theoryen_UK
dc.subjectExporting SMEsen_UK
dc.subjectSmart PLSen_UK
dc.titleInfluences of Managerial Drivers on Export Sales Units’ Performance of Small and Medium-Size Enterprisesen_UK

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