The relationships between online education resources, elearning readiness and knowledge acquisition attributes

Politis, John D. (2003-05-11)


Knowledge is seen as central to process, product innovation and improvement, to executive decision making and to organisational adaptation and renewal. The problems associated with unreliable and difficult access to the World Wide Web and the irresponsible use of e-technology manifest itself in reduced communication and collaboration among e-learners in an organisation, rising learning costs and discouraging online knowledge acquisition. Although e-technology is most often cited as essential for successful knowledge acquisition, little is known about the affect of online education resources and e-learning readiness in the process of knowledge acquisition. A survey of 118 middle-level managers and faculty who are engaged in daily knowledge acquisition activities was carried out to investigate the relationship between online education resources and a number of knowledge acquisition attributes. The findings suggest that online educational resources, and e-learning motivation enable e-learners’ knowledge acquisition.

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