Is it Important to Know Students’ Perceived Value of Mathematics?

Solomontos- Olga, Kountouri ; Siakalli, Michailina ; Yiallouros, Petros (2013)


This study investigates the perceived value of mathematics in students from Greek Cypriot Gymnasium. It also examines individual differences in the perceived value of mathematics in relation to students’ gender, grades, marks in mathematics, socioeconomic status (SES) and parent education (PE). The perceived value of mathematics is measured overall and with four dimensions: Interest, General Utility, Need for High Achievement and Personal Cost. A sample of 408 Greek Cypriot students from the three years of Gymnasium (mean age 13) completed the Mathematical Value Inventory (MVI). Results revealed that (a) girls value the General Utility of mathematics higher than boys; (b) boys evaluate Personal Cost of mathematics higher than girls; (c) the overall value of mathematics decrease with grade; (d) students with higher marks in mathematics show a higher overall value of mathematics; and (e) students with higher SES and students with higher PE show a higher overall value of mathematics. Implications are discussed for the Greek context. Also suggestions concerning intervention are given.

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