An Analysis of the Handover Latency Components in Mobile IPv6

Vassiliou, Vasos ; Zinonos, Zinon (2009)


This article analyses the latency components in Mobile IPv6 handovers. It provides real-implementation results for significant parts of the handover process through measurements in a real MIPv6 implementation on a wireless testbed based on IEEE 802.11b. Our work aims to extract information on the actions taken by network entities during the movement of a mobile node and to correctly measure and characterize all handover delay components, something not readily achieved by simulation studies. Particular attention is given to the period leading to the L3 registration part of the handover, since this has been identified by many as the “choking point” of the whole process. The experimental results help in understanding the effect of Duplicate Address Detection, Movement Direction, Router Advertisement Intervals, Router Solicitations, and Wireless Beacon Intervals on the overall handover delay. This work can be of benefit to those trying to build, modify, or optimize mobility management protocols, since it can help them utilize real-life values in their simulations, emulations, or equations. The outcome of this work can also be utilized in recognizing items for future research.

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