Employees’ Satisfaction and Related Environmental Factors in Hotel Industry. A Case of 4star Hotels in Paphos

Christodoulou, Athanasios (2017)


The measurement of job satisfaction is one of the most important subjects of interest in businesses and organisations these days. The main idea is the understanding of human resources for the company and therefore, the need for the best utilization. Job satisfaction is connected to the performance of the worker which results in better economic results for the company. The aim of the present research is to examine the factors which affect job satisfaction and count the overall job satisfaction of the workers in two 4star hotels in Paphos. At the same time the aims of the research is to examine the work-related characteristics and how they relate to each other , as well as the demographic characteristics such as sex , age of worker , education level , job position , years of service , based on the sample. In the present research, the quantity method was used and for this reason an analysis of questionnaires occurred, in concern to the workers satisfaction in 4star hotels in Cyprus. A sample was taken from two 4star hotels both from men and women who worked in different positions in the hotels. A total of 43 respondents (86 percent) took part in the survey. The first part has an introduction in the research theme and includes: the aim, the research questions and the hypothesis development. The second part includes a reference to the term job satisfaction, theoretical approaches of job satisfaction and the factors which affect it. The third part presents the methodology of the research, the sample, the data collection process and the conceptual framework of the research. The fourth part shows the presentation of the results with tables and descriptive statistics as to the satisfaction of the employees in each work related factor. Moreover an extensive statistical analysis of the work-related factors occurred and how these affect the total work satisfaction based on the sample. Lastly, the results which occurred from the present research were discussed and some ideas were recommended as to what could improve workers’ satisfaction in hotels.