Time management: How can business organizations in Cyprus benefit from it?

Argyrou, Giorgos (2019)


This paper aims to raise the issue of a growing phenomenon, the use of time management in organizations and its adaptation accordingly in day to day operations. More specifically, the question raised is whether or not organizations in Cyprus can benefit by the use of this technique. In order to do this, time management will be investigated and analyzed as to what it actually is, how it is being used by organizations around the world, and whether or not it has had an impact on their performance at work. Time management is basically adapted by organizations in order to increase performance and thus productivity of employees by following a daily schedule through various ways. The concept of time management is more complex than that, and can be interpreted by many ways. Depending on the type of each organization, different techniques are used to adopt time management. The point though of time management, is to incorporate is as part of the organization’s culture in order to be adopted effectively. Throughout this project, the question mentioned will be thus investigated. Also, market research will be conducted, through the means of questionnaires and interview. Together with my findings of the literature review, certain conclusions were drawn upon the question in investigation.