A Smart Product Co-design and Monitoring Framework Via Gamification and Complex Event Processing

Loizou, Spyros ; Elgammal, Ammal ; Kumara, Indika ; Christodoulou, Panayiotis ; Papazoglou, Mike P. ; Andreou, Andreas (2019)

Working Paper

In the traditional software development cycle, requirements gathering is considered the most critical phase. Getting the requirements right early has become a dogma in software engineering because the correction of erroneous or incomplete requirements in later software development phases becomes overly expensive. For product-service systems (PSS), this dogma and standard requirements engineering (RE) approaches are not appropriate because classical RE is considered concluded once a product service is delivered. This paper proposes a novel framework that enables the customer and the product engineer to co-design smart products by integrating three novel and advanced technologies to support: view-based modelling, visualization and monitoring, i.e., Product-Oriented Configuration Language (PoCL), gamification and Complex Event Processing (CEP), respectively. These create a “digital-twin” model of the connected ‘smart’ factory of the future. The framework is formally founded on the novel concept of manufacturing blueprints, which are formalized knowledge-intensive structures that provide the basis for actionable PSS and production “intelligence” and a move toward more fact-based manufacturing decisions. Implementation and validation of the proposed framework through real-life case studies are ongoing to validate the applicability, utility and efficacy of the proposed solutions.

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