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Social media and Tourism management

dc.contributor.authorVakhtangishvili, Eka
dc.description.abstractThe study examines the specifics of tourism management and the impact of social media on the promotion of tourism enterprises, the formation of the image of tourist territories and tourism entities. In accordance with an approach combining theory and practice, the current achievements in the field of social media in tourism and the hospitality industry are identified, emphasizing the impact on supply and demand. It describes the tourist destination in terms of the uniqueness of the resources and services offered to tourists and analyzes the influence of social media on consumer behavior, as well as on tourism service providers, identifies the capabilities of this marketing tool to increase the efficiency of tourism product sales and to create a loyal user community. The study focuses on the potential and trends arising from mobile marketing technologies, the it is formed that attracting customers through social media can increase their loyalty, including due to the provision of additional geolocation options, the expansion of on-line service support, which affects the corporate sale and the positive image of tourist enterprises, and the formation of a brand of tourist territories. In other words, it is all about the advantages and problems of using social media as a marketing tool in tourism sector.en_UK
dc.publisherΠρόγραμμα Διοίκησης Επιχειρήσεων, Σχολή Οικονομικών Επιστημών και Διοίκησης, Πανεπιστήμιο Νεάπολις Πάφου, 2021-05en_UK
dc.rightsΑπαγορεύεται η δημοσίευση ή αναπαραγωγή, ηλεκτρονική ή άλλη χωρίς τη γραπτή συγκατάθεση του δημιουργού και κάτοχου των πνευματικών δικαιωμάτωνen_UK
dc.titleSocial media and Tourism managementen_UK

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