Exporting Activity at Turning Point: Continuity and Viability of Greek Manufacturing SMEs

Lemonakis, Christos ; Batzanakaki, Eleni ; Steiakakis, Stylianos ; Garefalakis, Alexandros (2019-07)


The purpose of this article is to study key factors affecting export activity in the Greek manufacturing small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Under this condition the authors focus on four consecutive sectors of Greek economic activity, i.e.: food and beverage (F&B), clothing, machinery, and wood and furniture sectors. The important characteristics are analyzed by using the sample firms’ size, age, and financial indicators such as leverage and liquidity to underscore the importance of exporting activity in providing increased efficiency in the Greek manufacturing firms. The study uses an OLS econometric model to determine the importance of these factors and to present an overall perception of explanatory characteristics increasing business continuity and firms’ viability.

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