Factors influencing consumer engagement in social media for sustainable fashion firms: a quantitative study

Κορφιώτου, Νατάσα (2022-05)


Because of the increased tendency of consumers to engage with social media and purchase products online, studying the factors that may influence younger consumers’ engagement with social media for sustainable fashion forms seems important. Hence, the aim of this study was to explore the factors that may influence consumer engagement in social media for sustainable fashion firms. Quantitative research was conducted with 112 social media users, aged 18-40 years old. Data were gathered with a structured questionnaire. The main findings were that extraversion and desire for knowledge are not related with customers engagement with a sustainable fashion firm on social media. On the other hand, the organization and function of the firm’s platform as well as the presentation of the product may encourage consumers’ engagement. Hence, marketing strategies should focus on the creation of helpline, return and refund policy, creation of positive experiences for customers, easy, access, interactions and communication with the customers, inclusion of audio-visual material, frequent posts with information and comments, detailed description of the firm and its products and support for customers. Moreover, the products should be efficiently promoted, with emphasis on quality, discounts, nice presentation, and correspondence with consumers’ expectations and needs, while positive comments and experiences by other users should be highlighted. In this way, it would be more likely to encourage customers’ engagement with the firm on social media.