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  • Dynamic Topology Control for WSNs in Critical Environments 

    Zinonos, Zinon; Vassiliou, Vasos; Ioannou, Christiana; Koutroullos, Marios (IEEE, 2011)
    Plant automation and control are mission-critical applications and require timely and reliable data delivery, which is difficult to provide using a wireless technology. This is especially more difficult in industrial ...

  • Inter-Mobility Support in Controlled 6LoWPAN Networks 

    Zinonos, Zinon; Vassiliou, Vasos (IEEE, 2011)
    The research and industrial community started to think of more complex application scenarios for wireless sensor networks, where the use of mobile sensor nodes is essential. The support of mobile sensor nodes in such ...

  • Mobility in WSNs for Critical Applications 

    Silva, Ricardo; Zinonos, Zinon; Sá Silva, Jorge; Vassiliou, Vasos (IEEE, 2011)
    Recent critical application sectors of sensor networks like military, health care, and industry require the use of mobile sensor nodes, something that poses unique challenges in aspects like handoff delay, packet loss, and ...

  • WSN Evaluation in Industrial Environments First results and lessons learned 

    Poettner, W.; Wolf, L.; Cecílio, José; Furtado, Pedro; Mendão Silva, Ricardo; Sá Silva, Jorge; Cardoso, Alberto; Brown, J.; Sreenan, C.; Klein, A.; Roedig, U.; Vassiliou, Vasos; Voigt, T.; Donovan, T. O.; He, Z.; Zinonos, Zinon; Carrilho de Sousa Gil, Paulo José (IEEE, 2011)
    The GINSENG project develops performance-controlled wireless sensor networks that can be used for time-critical applications in hostile environments such as industrial plant automation and control. GINSENG aims at integrating ...