Establishing school of English Language in Paphos

Pozova, Aikaterina (2014)

Title: The present project describes the process of establishing school of English language in Paphos. Practical use: the present business plan is useful for representatives of companies operating in the market of services for the Study of English language, individuals and legal entities, planning to enter the market, public authorities regulating relations in the sphere of education, culture and leisure, as well as a wide range of users who are interested in the organization of such enterprise. Purpose of the report: feasibility study of opening of the Center for the Study of English Language in Paphos. Methodology: During the preparation of the project there was examined the market for similar service centers, schools, courses of foreign language in Paphos city, also the alleged investment and running costs were calculated, as well as there was developed the organizational scheme and timetable for the project implementation. Based on the received economic and financial information and the evaluation of the project there were defined the key financial and economic indicators. In order to open the mentioned enterprise it is planned to use only the Project Initiator’s funds without involving the outside investors. Project Concept: The project concept presented in this business plan is a reflection of the most promising, in our view, market entry strategy. Learning foreign languages generally and English language particularly is gradually becoming more and more popular. People travel all over the world, communicate with foreigners, work in foreign companies, chat online with friends from other countries and this would be impossible if people continued to speak in different languages. That is why courses of English languages have become so important nowadays. Findings: As it turned out, English language school is profitable enterprise with short payback period and it is good investment of the moneys and is recommended for implementation.