Critical success factors in customer relationship management (CRM): a successful CRM implementation project in a service company

Yiannoulatou, Litsa (2015)


This research paper examines the strategic role of a CRM application in an organization and analyze the success factors of CRM implementation10 in firm. The purpose of this study is to find the critical success factors of customer relationship management implementation10 from a Customer Service Company in Cyprus. Semi-structured interviews were carried out to collect the needed data. The interviews were written or recorded then transcribed and analyzed by implying content analysis method. The results have reflected that the main success factors such as training employees, top management commitment and the desired organizational culture have been determined that impacts the project significantly and intensely toward obtaining the desired results. The case study illustrates that CRM is a complex and holistic concept, organized around business processes and the integration of information technologies. Commitment of the top management and the influence of a leadership4 style in a teams are very critical in order to motivate employees to follow organizations goals. The study, as mentioned before, highlights that implementing CRM requires effective 2 leadership4, sourcing, targeting and evaluation strategies.