Borealis center: a self-sustainable center culture, education and spiritual development

Georgiou, George (2013)


During the last 20 years there has been a very big movement towards Culture, Education and very recently towards Spiritual Training and Practice. Although everybody understands and agrees about their essence and importance in modern society, they are not taken seriously enough. Culture has been underfunded and neglected to the point that everybody does not invest in it but rather move towards more commercial and popular areas which are usually very low quality and sometimes are even organized by political parties which could undermine the quality in order to achieve their political goals. Education has been given its fair amount of importance but unfortunately, it is not presented as correctly as it should be and it creates people that cannot think rather than increasing their intuition and way of thinking. Spiritual Training and Practice is a fairly new concept that it is in danger of being commercialized thus manipulating all potential clients. This dissertation will analyze and demonstrate how to create a center that will accommodate all the pre mentioned disciplines in a correct way and be able to fund its own events into a performance space. We will not be focusing on a single area but we will approach the center as a whole and check if it can be sustainable and self funded.