The insitutional framework of health and safety at work. Implemantation and effectiveness of health and safety in Leptos Group companies

Anastasiou, Nikos (2016)


This research examined the effectiveness of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) on reducing occupational injuries, fatalities and increasing effectiveness. This research examined factors that may contribute to the success or failure of the agency to meet its mandate. Agency, economic, and workforce factors were considered to see how they influence occupational safety. This research used literature and data on BLS, NIOSH, OSHA, OLS, national and local Health and Safety organizations and Leptos Group of companies. This paper will review all legal frameworks worldwide, in European Union and Cyprus and indicate the importance of Health and Safety at work. The paper as well undertook an interview as a primary method of obtaining information on Health and safety practices of Leptos. The findings indicate that the company has indeed, placed Health and safety measures in place but there is need to make improvements. Based on the conclusion, the study recommends that training of employees on health and safety needs to the main focus for Leptos.