Employee Job Satisfaction, WDM and hotel performance; an exploratory case study of Paphos Gardens Hotel, Cyprus

Neophytou, Sotiris (2018-03-03)


This study builds on employee motivation theories and human resource management (HRM) in order to explore empirically whether employee participation in workforce diversity management (WDM) initiatives affects their job satisfaction and other hotel key performance indicators (KPIs) (profitability, voluntary staff turnover rates and staff absenteeism rates). To provide an empirical answer to the above question a survey of 70 employees in total (managerial and non-managerial) of a three-star hotel i.e. Paphos Gardens Resort (PGR) in Cyprus was undertaken with a response rate of 98% that yielded 68 useable questionnaires. The exploratory descriptive analyses of the primary data revealed interesting results as they make the case for a better understanding on which WDM initiatives are enhancing (or not) employee job satisfaction and consequently hotel performance.